How can I get a job online with no experience?

this is the question at the forefront of several young graduates’ heads. Many of these people hold sheepish ambitions to live in the bustling city, and bag a well-paying job. However, they’re not certain if it’s possible. Well, let me assure you, sure it is! There are many legitimate ways by which you can earn money online, and many careers are open to you. Even without experience, people are earning thousands online, and living life on their own terms. Register at

So how can I make money without having a job?

Firstly, you must be willing to learn. I’m sure you must be looking for training, but don’t think there is ‘one-way’ to start something online. Every industry has its own means of working, and you must grab it. There are a whole bunch of resources, in the form of books, blogs and tutorials, which you must invest time in to learn. I also suggest looking for a mentor, you can always ask about work! Remember, you must be willing to learn, if you aren’t, then you won’t succeed.

Once I learn, where can I apply?

Let’s start with initial steps, after you’ve searched and found a good amount of information (career sections on are very helpful), you’ll have a good overview of the industry. This will give you a sense of direction. At this point, you can decide whether you want to make money from your blog, or by freelancing. Remember, it doesn’t matter how you make money; it matters how much you earn!

I want to make money blogging, but what can I blog about?

You’ll be required to write an article, or at least a blog post. The only thing to keep in mind is that you want to appeal to your audience. Make sure your writing is precise, and not scattered. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on this, we’re here for a reason!

I want to make money freelancing! What can I do for money?

There are two parts to freelancing. First, you must learn the relevant skills that will get you closer to your goal. Secondly, you’ll actually get the job, this is very challenging. Once you’ve nailed the skills, you’ll have a better chance of getting jobs. Make sure that your portfolio is up-to-date, and display your previous work, so the client knows the kind of work you’re capable of.

I work hard, and I still don’t have any money!

I didn’t forget about you guys! While I can’t fully address your hardships, I wanted to inform you (in case your situation is similar, as it was for me) that you must do ‘realistic’ things with your money. The best thing to do is to invest in your future, to invest time and your energy into small goals. A word of advice, don’t spend your first few months making as much money as possible; it’ll increase your stress level, and your chances of failure. Make small steps, but build momentum. After some time, you’ll feel you’re accomplishing things, and it’ll become a habit.  Sign up with, be bold and upfront and transparent in your resume.

So I’m a worker, what are the best tools for looking for work online?

Sign up with and get a Freelancing Profile. This will help you to look for work, and communicate with clients. Also, post up on our Message Board [at] and discuss your challenges with other people. Other websites include and, these are also great resources.

I don’t know what to do!

If you’re ever feeling uncertain, then simply ask someone, or read articles about freelancing on I suggest to read the Freelancing Career Guide, and Gather Information. Understanding the technical side and the dynamics of freelancing is important. Communicating with people is important, as well. has a lot of posts on assistance so you can gain the knowledge that you require.